NeonFree® Illuminated Signage

Our Neon Free LED Signs Break All the Rules

Are you tired of working in a limited color palette? We were too, which is why we invented NeonFree®. Our proprietary solution is digitally printed – for rich, vibrant color. It is also more durable, uses less energy and is entirely recyclable.

Comparing Neon and NeonFree®:
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Neon signs have a limited color selection and color matching can be very challenging.

NeonFree® signs are digitally printed so virtually any color match is possible.


Neon signs have design constraints relative to how sharply you can bend the glass tube.

NeonFree® signs have no design constraints.


Neon signs are made of fragile glass tubes.

NeonFree® signs are made of acrylic and polycarbonate sheets with LED lighting, making them almost indestructible.

Energy Consumption

Neon signs run hotter and consume more energy. (Ex: 365 days of power consumption at 12 hours per day at 1000 watts (1 kW), Neon will cost $43.80*)

NeonFree® signs consume up to 80% less energy depending on design. (Ex: 365 days of power consumption at 12 hours per day at 1000 watts (1 kW), NeonFree® will cost $3.50)

* Source: Teledyne Reynolds Inc.

Life Expectancy

Neon signs have a tendency for one or more elements to burn out.

NeonFree® (LED) is rated at 50,000 hours with complete illumination.


Neon signs are priced relative to linear inches of glass tube and the number of bends required for a particular design, making them more expensive.

NeonFree® signs are priced relative to total square inches of the sign with no limitation on the number of colors in the design.


Neon signs require layers of packing material due to the high risk for breakage during transit. Most neon signs are imported from China, which adds to shipping cost.

NeonFree® is more durable and requires far less packaging. NeonFree® signs are made in the USA and cost less to ship.


Neon signs can require expensive maintenance.

NeonFree® requires no maintenance.


Disposal of neon is expensive and must adhere to the EPA’s Universal Waste Program.

NeonFree® is significantly cheaper and easier to dispose of. It contains no toxins, and all components can be fully recycled and have second use capabilities.